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I left him because I don’t want to die for love.

Nigerian self-acclaimed relationship expert, Blessing CEO has shed light on why she left her marriage to her first husband.

Blessing has severally shared that she got married at a very early age to an abuser, whom she had no prior knowledge.

One of Blessing’s fans recently asked her why she left her first husband and if it was because he never loved her.

Blessingceo, please don’t be angry, do you mean your ex-husband never loved you after marrying you because I watched your video and I saw both of you so young and innocent. Please reply to me, I am going through something.

Blessing, however, responded by sharing that My ex-husband loved me so much according to him, but he did not love me right me. His love was toxic and too violent.

I did not leave him because of a lack of love, I left him because I don’t want to die for love when our daddy Romeao and mummy Juliet has paid the price. I ran for survival.

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